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About Nathan Cassidy

I have been a Mortgage Loan Originator for over 14 years. They say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life and I must say I LOVE my job! I have been through the good and the bad, persevering in this ever-changing market. I attribute my success to 1 key thing: “Do to others as you would have them do unto to you”. I treat my clients and agents like I would want myself and my family treated. As a certified Firefighter/Paramedic I have learned to think many steps ahead in whatever I do. I use the lessons taught in my training to overcome obstacles and think outside the box in every situation. Even though I am no longer actively employed as a fire/medic due to the demand of the mortgage business, I still have deep connections and a strong calling to serve the public service community.

Communication is essential when it comes to facilitating a mortgage transaction and I pride myself on being there from the beginning of the loan and making myself available even after the loan is closed. Closing on time and providing the best possible program available for my clients are also my highest priority. I have assisted hundreds of extremely satisfied homeowners in either purchasing or refinancing their homes.

My wife and I have been married since 2003. We have 2 dogs, 1 cat and had our first child in June of 2014. Another saying that is out there is “help enough people get what they want, and you will get everything you want”. I want to make sure my family is provided for and for that to happen I will continue to provide the best possible experience for my clients and agents daily. I often tell people I am not your normal “9-5”loan officer, I make myself available also in the evenings and on the weekends because customer service is #1!! I look forward to serving your mortgage needs for you and your family.


What Did our Clients Say?

Very attentive and responsive. Walked us through a long and tedious process step by step. Nathan and his staff are very kind and understanding. They tried to make a somewhat stressful situation less so. Thank you!

Bettie E.

Commitment and communication in all the stages of the process! Outstanding customer service.

Luiz A.

My husband and I were first time home buyers and Nathan Cassidy was very helpful. He was very knowledgeable and gladly answers all our questions. He was very good and open about communication from beginning to the end. Even though we closed and...

Janice A.

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